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What is Dreamweave? Soft fabric, durable and truly amazing

How Dreamweave Fabrics Perform


Dreamweave’s high-performance fabric transfers body heat 2X more effectively and breathes nearly 50% better than than traditional cotton sheets —allowing the body to cool itself, yielding to a better, deeper, and more restorative sleep by reducing sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. This bedding is softer, silkier and cooler and offers a luxurious drape and sheen that is comparable to even the highest price luxury bed sheets. 



• Exceptionally soft fabric with depth, body and luxurious drape

• Porous yarns provide breathability and wick moisture away from the body

• Transfers body heat for a cooler more comfortable sleep

• Incredible resiliency and resistance to wrinkles and shrinking 

• Dense, fine weave, is almost impenetrable to allergens and dust mites.

• Durable fabric, renowned for it's longevity and resistance to pilling

• Micro-fine fiber surface area allows deeper, richer colors that won't fade

Dream Luxury. Dream Price.


We work directly with world renowned bedding manufacturers and sell exclusively online directly to you. Eliminating the cost of middlemen and retail space – Dreamweave™ is able to offer our luxury high-end linens at near wholesale prices. 

Direct to you > No middle man > No retail storefronts = LOWER PRICE